Are you insured?

I have fully comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind. I hold public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


How far in advance do I need to book?

For a newborn session it is always best to book BEFORE the baby is due; preferably after your scan.  This allows for planning on my part as we have only a limited amount of time (up to 10 days) to get the perfect shots after the baby is born.

Ideally, for a normal photo shoot I like to book a month in advance.  However this is not set in stone and if you have a more urgent requirement, then give me a call and I will always do my best to accommodate your requests.


How do I book?

After you have viewed my price list you can drop me an email to sarahwilkes@sarahwilkesphotography or give me a call on 07790158741 to discuss your requirements and ask any questions you may still  have. A booking fee of £75 for a session (£85 for a newborn shoot)  weekday weekends are slightly more, would be required to secure your session. This can be paid by cheque, bank transfer or Pay-Pal ( a 5% charge will be added to pay-pal due to their fees).


How long does a session take?

You should expect a newborn session to take around four  hours, so please be prepared to make yourselves comfortable!  I take the babies lead. I allow plenty of time for feeds and baby will tend to feed more than normal during the session. Getting baby to sleep after each feed takes time too; making sure they are snugly and comfortable. All the posing done during the session is slow so as not to disturb baby whist they sleep.

A normal session takes around one to two hours, however it also depends on the type of session you would like. You may want an all studio or outdoor location shoot or a mixture of the two. This is one of the beauties of custom portrait photography it works around you and your family.


Do I have to choose which collection I want  before the shoot?

No, not at all. You can wait until you see the photographs before choosing the collection you would like and any extras should you wish.


What should I wear?
  1. Make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you wear. It makes a huge difference to the final photographs.
  2. Expect to remove shoes and socks.  Bare feet in the studio tend to look much nicer in the photographs.
  3. It is best to avoid small patterns and no logos, writing or cartoons that distract from the person in the photo. Stripes and small patterns tend to look too “busy” and compete with the face for attention. Where possible, avoid characters of any kind, words, etc. I know this may be difficult when some children like to dress themselves. Little boys look lovely in dungarees, denim or cream work really well especially with no top underneath.  Layer several outfits for colour and texture. During the winter, cable knits and wool photograph especially well,  flowy summer dresses, colourful polo shirts and even large patterns work well. Coordinate the same outfit style for each child to be photographed together.
  4. Mix and match. Try to come up with unusual combinations that compliment and contrast. Pick a colour palette instead of everyone in the same colour.  Different colours can complement each other.  You can go with a soft colour palette or a bold colour palette. Lots of colours, lots of layers and lots of textures photograph really well!  If you need further help or advice on this, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.
  5. Don’t be scared to accessorize. Beautiful jewelry, scarf’s, hats (fully recommended) but please without a large brim and no baseball caps, favorite toys, blankets, etc. remember it’s those little details which help to create a memorable, uniquely you portrait.
  6. A smile. This is the most important thing to wear. Being relaxed, laid back, having fun. Laugh, joke, jump around, be silly and have FUN. Those things are what I want to capture and the rest will follow naturally.
  7. Stuck and need inspiration? Visit the shopping center and look in the shop window or  clothing catalogues to see which clothing they mixed and matched together on their mannequins and in their photo displays.  Remember, that company has hired stylist to piece together for their photo shoots,  so you have some great ideas right at your finger tips!  You can even Google professional photo shoots and see what others are wearing.

To me clothing plays a vital role in a shoot and it really is worth taking time to plan it fully.


How many photographs will you take?

It is not unusual for me to take up to 100 photographs during a session.  Once the session is finished, I will go through them and carefully choose around 20  that show you and your family off to their best and these will be edited in full and prepared for your in person viewing and order session, the rest will be deleted.


What happens after my session? When and how will we get to see the pictures?

I will carefully edit around 20  photographs. I will then invite you back to the studio around 2-3 weeks after your session for your in-person viewing and order session.


How long do i have to order?

You will place your order at your viewing and order session. Once I have your order an online gallery will be activated for your family and friends to view the images should you wish.

Can I order any at a later date?

After you have placed your order you can order extras at any time. After your in-person viewing and order session and online gallery will be activated for your family and friends to view and order should they wish. Your gallery will stay up for 6 months  and I keep all your photographs for as long as the gallery remains active.  Once the gallery is removed from my site, I delete all your photo’s from my computer too.










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