Maternity Shoot Information

Maternity Shoot Information

You’re pregnant! Congratulations, now is the time to have the most amazing photographs taken of you. This is a

very special time in your life and it really ought to be recorded.

As a mum to be, you have never looked so feminine and beautiful. Carrying a baby is a magical. My maternity

photography sessions can capture images of your stunning bump to celebrate this exciting time.

Before being photographed when pregnant there are a few things to consider so please read the following points for a few simple ideas to make the experience more worthwhile:


1/ The ideal time to be photographed is during the 7th month, the bump is a nice size and shape, however I can still do your photographs if you are further along in your pregnancy.

2/ Remove any tight clothes and underwear a few hours before you are due to be photographed to allow any lines to disappear.

3/ Make sure your hands and nails are clean as they tend to be in the photographs quite a bit.

4/ Have a light snack before you come so that your stomach is not too full but you don’t get hungry or feel faint due to low blood sugar levels.

5/ Bring a selection of clothes, preferably without small stripes or checks; be bold and create some stunning shots with flowing scarf’s and material. Don’t be scared to pose semi nude, we want to see your bump in all its glory. Bring a dressing gown or something comfortable to slip on in case you get cold or need to visit the little girls’ room.

6/ Remove all jewellery, including watches.

7/As this is such a special time I encourage partners and other children to be in some of the shots too.

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