Price List

Session Fee

Studio Portrait session weekday £65

Studio Maternity session weekday £75

Studio Newborn session weekday £75

Studio Cake Smash session weekday £75

Studio Fine Art session weekday £85

Studio Combined ‘Bumps and Babies’ shoot weekdays £125

These are weekday prices. With being a busy mum also I tend not to work weekends.

If you would like a weekend session prices are significantly more.

For more information on the different types of sessions please see my Info page.


There are two ways to book your session.

  • You may pay a session fee upon booking and then at your viewing 2-3 weeks after your shoot, you may choose your products from the À la carte products list.


  • Choose a collection which will reduce your session fee and offer specific products, 50% of the cost must be paid upon booking. The collections are incredible value for money and are put together after years of understanding what clients most popular products are. If each product in the collection were to be purchased separately from the À la carte products list the cost would be significantly more, therefore each collection brings you exceptional value for money.


I  offer an exquisite selection of products which cannot be purchased on the high street as they are only available to professional photographers. They are simply breathtaking, Archival quality and beautifully made and come with a lifetime guarantee with them.

Please remember you are not only paying for the physical products but also paying for my TIME and knowledge. From initial contact to handing over your exquisite products I will have spent between 30-50 hours making sure your experience, images and products are perfect.

I invest my time in every client before I know how much they will order! This is how confident I am that they will love their images as every image is lovingly handcrafted and not batched through some quick editing software.

Want to know more about Why Professional Photography? click the link!

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