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Sarah Wilkes Photography


Families need photographs to capture the special moments of their lives. Families of professionals are busy, and if too much time goes by between photos, these moments are lost forever. Babies, especially, grow fast and parents need photos of them several times a year.

While nearly everyone has a camera for snapshots, people need professional quality photos when they will be shown to an important audience, and when people want to be seen in the best light. The Internet has expanded the use of photos, making it possible for anyone to send them or to publish them for wide viewing.

Professionals often have business needs for high-quality photos, and through this familiarity, they acquire a taste for them. When these professionals need photos to preserve memories, or to display family photos when they entertain at home, they have the budget and the desire for similarly high-quality photos. Just as they appoint their homes with fine furniture and decorations, the photos on their walls

need to exhibit their standards of quality.


Most people use professional photo studios only on rare occasions, such as weddings, or baby portraits. Because the client has to initiate

the call, many special moments are lost and the studio loses potential business. Photo studios generally charge a large fee for CDs of their clients’ digital images. For these reasons, most photo studios are rarely used by families as a whole.

Sarah Wilkes Photography will meet the needs of professionals and their families to capture the special moments in their lives and present them in the best light. I will establish a relationship in which i initiate the calls to keep their photos up to date.  Because of my past work experience being a Nursery Nurse and also a mother I can create a more personal relationship with the families than that of your regular chain store photographers ,When you visit one of these stores you are simply a number.  They do not see you for who you are, or who your family is, they don’t get personally involved with their clients.  They are often working in these stores because they either don’t have the experience to start their own business, or they simply aren’t good enough to make it in the competitive world of photography.

They will take a number of photo’s and although the equipment they may have and use is impressive, the end results are often less so. Little or no editing will be done to the photos so it’s unlikely that any end pictures will show the family off to their true potential. My custom photography provides them with those WOW quality photos that will last a lifetime and beyond. A great deal of time is involved in creating high end custom photography for a client. They will get the luxury of great service better choices, and a superb end product. The results of all this are heirloom quality images—memories which are frozen in time and images which will last for generations.  Since we don’t have the opportunity of time travel (yet) you can never get back these precious moments.


In addition, there are far more choices for those who opt to have me as their custom photographer.  Photos will be taken to fit their ideals.  Unlike the local chain store, it won’t be about simply selecting a backdrop.  They can choose from having their photos taken on location, in a studio, or a mix of the two. The beauty of my custom bespoke photography is in the choices and the luxury of those, so when something big like a newborn arrives, there’s no place else they would go.

Sarah Wilkes Photography will mark a change in the way professional photography is delivered.  Rather than being a rare place to visit, this will be a fun part of a family’s lives, helping them capture special moments and share them in a digital world.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about what a session entails or if you would like to book one, using the contact form on here.

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