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Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty – WOW I’m a little gobsmacked!!!!! PLEASE vote for my image!!

“We are delighted to be able to share with you that you have had imagery shortlisted by our judges for the 2019 British Photography Awards!

Simple Beauty.

Our judges had their work cut out from them selecting their best this year.

We are pleased to tell you your work was among the top 240 images from across the world.

Public voting is now open to find the winners of our ‘People’s Choice’ award.

Be sure to encourage people to vote for your work. As well as this, we will be asking the wider photographic community to vote on the collection over the coming weeks.

Many people will encounter your work over the next few days, so congratulations!

We wish you all the best of luck and congratulations on being shortlisted,

Thank you for choosing to support charity with your work”
The British Photography Awards​


This is the image stunning Young lady!

Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty.




My Studio Floralands Catfoot Lane Lambley Nottingham


Nikon D810, Nikon 85mm 1.4, elinchrom d’light 1, elinchrom d’lite 2, Rotalux Deep Octabox 70 cm, snoot


When this client walked into my studio…..Wow its a little exciting when I get a young lady that is simply stunning! This one is all about the Freckles and the hair! This is what wanted to focus on no props just a  simple image so as not to take away from the main focus! I used my Nikon D810 and 85mm 1.4 at F.5 as I wanted to show off her freckles an all their glory.

My Elichrom light was placed above her to create a butterfly lighting pattern.

I also used the tri-flector to pop a little more light under her chin and that gave the amazing 2nd catch light. A hair light with snoot behind her above angled down to give the edges a sparkle.

She truly is an auburn beauty, Less is defiantly more with this shot I believe.


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