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Floralands Farm Park and Garden Village Studio

 Floralands Farm Park and Garden Village Studio

Today I am blogging about something so very exciting! For the last few months I have been building a new studio!!! It is set in the heart of Floralands Farm Park and Garden Village in Lambley Nottingham, and I hope it will be ready by the beginning of March. It is an amazing space and set in a wonderful location. Great for siblings that come to the shoot because once they are done in the studio they can be taken to play on the park and feed the animals! Now when I say building a new studio I don’t mean getting a builder in to do all the work! I mean myself moi!!! Can you believe it!! With the help of a friend whom I could not have done without who also makes amazing wooden newborn Props!! ( Check out his website Wondrous Woods but not till he has finished helping me he-he) Also my best friend and assistant now my painting buddy!

So still not complete but I would love to share my progress with you now so you can follow my journey.



The studio

Nottingham newborn Photographer


Baby photographer Nottingham

The entrance/ Viewing room

Floralands Studio

Newborn Photographer studio

Shooting Room

Here are some images after a little work has been done to it.


 Shooting room progress


Newborn Photographer Nottingham

Newborn Photographer Nottingham

Insulating the ceiling


Floralands farm park studio

Who is this mad woman? oh yes that would be me!

Florlands Farm Park and Garden center studio

Let loose with a nail gun ha-ha! Don’t worry plasterboard screws went in as well!

Nottingham Newborn PhotographerSaving on a plasterer not sure it was worth it I NEVER EVER want to see poly-filler, Scrim tape and sand paper ever ever again!!!

Maternity Photographer Nottingham


Starting to paint the ceiling Oooops he-he!

baby photographer in Nottingham

And whilst I am stuck up a scaffold Alison starts on the walls.

This is me I need to split myself by about 7 times with all the work that needs to be done!!

Photography studio

This is how I am feeling about now ha-ha

new studio

Beams and Chandeliers up on finished ceiling

Now to start the floor. Raising it slightly before laying the Solid Oak floor. The back wall that is black will not be painted as I am having the solid floor on the wall as a backdrop also.

So that is all we have got up to with the shooting room for now.

This will be the Toilet and kitchen area. Here is what we have done so far.

Toilet and Kitchen area

Dividing to make two rooms.

Kitchen -Bathroom

Plasterboard up and ceiling beams in.

Floralands Photography Studio

Stairs starting to go in.


So that is how far I am with the Kitchen this is the Toilet area. Using up the remaining wood we have so I don’t have to get any more. All pipework done for my oak and stone sink that will be going in!

Sarah Wilkes Photography New Studio

Walls being insulated.

Nottingham Photographer

We finished plaster boarding it today but I have not taken any images yet.

Even my little boy has been getting in on the act!

My viewing room and entrance hall will have a children’s play area just where you can see the patterned wall paper. The rest of the walls, although white have a wallpaper on with a lovely embedded pattern in it. There will be my  Art all over the walls. The room is Decorated but now just looks like a building site!!

Floralands Farm Park and Garden Village Studio

So that is it for now! I can’t wait till this is finished. I will keep  blogging as it grows into something so special to me!

Even though I could not afford to get a builder in as I was quoted 15k for about half of what needed doing I am glad I am doing it myself. It is such an achievement and makes it all the more special!

Thanks for taking a look at my new studio, watch this space as we get more work done.


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