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Newborn Session Nottingham

Newborn Session Information

Newborn Session Nottingham

Baby’s 1st photo shoot. How exciting is this to capture your newborn right after they are born!

Newborn portraits are best created within the first 2 weeks of the baby being born. If the baby is healthy and mum is doing well, I prefer to photograph in the first week. During this first week, the baby is still very sleepy and most pose-able. I can mold them and put them in to all the adorable poses that families have grown to love. They will not be like this for long because they change and grow so quickly. Hands, toes, tummy and nose, I capture all the beautiful baby details.

I want you to walk away from your session with a big smile and a lot of beautiful memories, feeling relaxed and confident that I created amazing images for you.

 My hope for your newborn session is that you can come to an enjoyable and relaxing couple of hours, being in total awe of your perfect new addition. I supply all the props, wraps, headbands and hats that you could ever want. The studio is warm, quiet and comfortable, please make yourself at home and rest assured that your baby is in good, experienced hands. Although I always try to get as many adorable poses as possible, my sessions are baby led and I follow their body language in posing, feeding (and changing accidents) in order to get the sweetest and most relaxed images of your little one as possible.

Unless you are having a scheduled c-section, you are not going to know when your baby will be born. Your due date will be added to my calendar. I leave time in my schedule around your due date to ensure I can schedule your session. As soon as baby is born, please have someone call me so we can arrange for you to come to the studio within those precious first 14 days.

Before being photographed, there are a few things to consider, so please read the following points for a few simple ideas to make the experience more worthwhile:

Please arrange your time, so baby will be undressed, fed here prior to the shoot so they are ‘milky drunk’, and we can go straight into posing.

  • If bottle feeding, please bring plenty of bottles; baby will feed more than normal during the session.
  • For photographs, baby will be naked, but posed so all the ‘important bits’ are not on show.
  • I am very hands-on, so don’t be alarmed by the amount of posing and handling of baby that I do. Please be rest assured, I am Midwife Verified and have photographer 100’s of babies. I am also a trainer for other photographers in the Art of Newborn Photography and safe baby posing.
  • Props – I have many of the items you see on my website in the newborn portraits, many baskets, blankets, hats and other props. If you would like to personalize your session and bring fun personal items that represent a hobby, favourite sports team, family heirlooms, etc, please feel free!  But do let me know, so I can think how to use them before.
  • Clothing – Generally I will be photographing your baby unclothed. Part of the experience in capturing a newborn is seeing the squishy little toes and cute tiny bums.
  • The shoot may last up to 4 hours, so you may want to bring a book or something to do. So time for mummy to put her feet up whilst I work my magic! I take the baby’s lead; getting them to sleep before posing them takes time, and they may need to be fed during the shoot also.
  • Your little darling WILL poo and wee on me and probably all the props. This is natural and expected. Please do not feel embarrassed when this happens, because they all do it. Any experienced newborn photographer will be completely accepting and expecting of this fact.
  •  If you want some family shots, make this clear when you book. I do encourage it. I adore when parents choose to be a photographed with their baby, as there is a lovely connection between a parent and a newborn baby. The relationship between you and your baby at this early stage is precious to behold. If you choose to include siblings too, make sure you have plenty of activities for them to do while they wait, I do have a small play area and I am lucky enough to have the studio within a farm and play park Floralands. Photographing a newborn can take a lot of time, and they will get bored. I like to photography siblings and parent shots at the beginning of the session.
  • The studio is likely to be warm to keep your newborn warm, snugly and sleepy during the session! So please wear light clothes or layers to ensure your comfort.
  • Don’t worry about baby acne or little scratches. My expert retouching will either eliminate or drastically minimise these. If your baby has extremely dry skin, try putting baby lotion etc on prior to coming to your session and bringing extra with you. This will help the retouching process.

What to wear? Newborn Session Nottingham

For newborn sessions, please bring a black top and black trousers/skirt for some of my Black and White collection shots. Also, for some cream background shots white tops look nice, especially strapless tops for mum as skin to skin with baby looks beautiful. I have a range of dresses for mums if you would like to dress up for timeless images.

To me, clothing plays a vital role in a shoot, and it really is worth taking time to plan it fully. Please do not wear clothes with Logo’s or images on them.

Mums, do not worry about the baby weight you haven’t lost, or any skin issues you may still have. I can minimise all that away should you wish! Remember, your photographer is a mum and remembers all too well what those first two weeks were like!

Mum’s and Dad’s hands will be shown in many of the close up photographs. Please make sure your nails look nice!

Session Packing List Newborn Session Nottingham

I have many of the items you see on my website in the newborn portraits, many baskets, blankets, hats and other simple props. If you would like to personalize your session and bring fun personal items that represent a hobby, favorite sports team, family heirlooms, etc, please feel free.

If you need some ideas or want to brainstorm, please don’t hesitate to call me. Some of the most amazing newborn portraits I have created were conceptualized during a conversation with my clients.

And finally

No matter what your baby does, please know that I am always relaxed. I do this all the time and have seen everything. Your session should be a special experience for you and stress free. Babies can sense stress, and it usually makes them cry more. I allow plenty of time for your session and if we need to take a break to feed, walk, rock, etc. we can do that. I want you to enjoy the experience of your session and this special bonding moment for your family.









I can’t wait to create something beautiful for you and your family in my dedicated boutique studio within the heart of Floralands Garden Village Lambley Nottingham

It is such a relaxed atmosphere and a great experience.

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