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{Handmade Newborn prop} | Doncaster / South yorkshire / Nottinghamshire Family photographer

Whilst out walking i came across this log my imagination being what it is saw the potential as a newborn prop! So i shoved it in the back of my car and spent the next 6 days working on it.

{Diary of a prop in the making}

{Day 1}

So glad i had a little helper!!

{Day 2}

Ouch my thumb!! I have hit it so many times with the hammer i am black and blue!

{Day 3}

Getting there ….. slowley

{Day 4}

I just can’t get in with the sander guess i will have to do it by hand.

{Day 5}

{Day 6} And all finished oh my was tough my hands are so so sore! Now all i need is a newborn in it!

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