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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ABOUT …… Sarah


As well as being a full time photographer I am a busy mum of two amazing boys. I adore and admire their pure spirit and innocent nature and I strive to capture that in my photographs.
I love photography as I get to capture those perfect moments for eternity, especially the ones that would otherwise be lost forever.As they grow I continually look back and relive those moments through the eyes of a proud Mum.
What I love about my job.
I have 2 main passions in my life (apart from chocolate!) these are children and photography. So being able to combine the two made for the most perfect of careers. Here are some fun facts about me: I scream with laughter at the smallest things, although I am rubbish at telling jokes. I love baby giggles and baby toes. I love to embarrass my eldest boy as I break out into song and dance. I am not afraid to be silly to get the children’s attention. Don’t be surprised if I pull faces or pretend to sneeze, that’s a great one to get the younger children laughing as my hair falls all over my face, although my son Daniel does not fall for that one anymore!! I love to sing and act on stage. I believe there is a God who is full of forgiveness. I love lasagna, chocolate and love heart Haribo sweets. My favourite colours are Cerise and Turquoise. I have far too much ‘stuff’ but scared to get rid of anything. I love to knit hats and headbands for all the gorgeous newborns I photograph. I have even come up with a range of ‘Lens Lovies’ that I attach to my lens to get the children’s attention as I squeak them and talk in silly voices. I cherish my friendships and my family. I love to watch my boys play when they don’t know I am watching them, they make my heart soar!

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