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Baby Photographer Newark Lincolnshire – Beautiful Baby Session

Baby Photographer Newark

This session as a Baby Photographer Newark saw me back at the studio after a great long Christmas break and thrown straight back into the deep end with a 10 week old baby session. This raven haired beauty was a little model in the making! She would look straight at me …what a star! She looks so much older than 10 weeks.

We did some awake portraits to start, then went onto parent shots from my Black and White Collection. Then during those shots she fell asleep and mum asked if we could try for some ‘Newborn Style’ shots which at 10 weeks old extremely difficult to get, if at all because baby is less sleepy and if they do sleep they are less tolerant to me posing them, without waking. They have stretched out and are not as pose-able making it virtually impossible to get the cute newborn type shots my clients have grown to love!So I put her into a basket and she stayed asleep whilst I managed to put her in the arms folded and chin on them pose. YAY!!

I can’t wait for mum and dad to come to the viewing and order session so they can see their gorgeous portraits of their little raven haired beauty!


Welcome to the world sweetie!


Baby Photographer Newark

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