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Nottinghamshire / South Yorkshire Newborn photographer {Why choose me as your professional photographer.}

I don’t ever post before and after shots of my work but I wanted to talk to you about choosing me as your professional photographer.

Photographers before you try some of these poses PLEASE PLEASE seek out a workshop or even better 1 to 1 mentoring seessions ( please see the details of mine here )

Clients So why choose me over your local chain store?

My newborn sessions take 4 hours I take babies lead and pose them slowly to keep them happy and safe. This will be more than twice as long as your chain store photographers such as Boots or Mothercare, also the posing I do is very new to the U.K but the ‘norm’ in the U.S you will not get this style and the range of props and setups.

My attention to detail is meticulous. Each and every photograph in your gallery is edited to the highest standard to give you the very best quality and overall look. local chain stores do not edit to this standard and you will end up with wrinkled backdrops and blotchy skin tones.

Below are some examples of some of my shots before and after editing I know which I would rather have on my wall.


Professional newborn photography is an ‘art’ not all photographers can do it and not all should even attempt it.  Safety is priority I do a lot of composition shots so there are hands on baby at all times. This requires a high knowledge and competence in editing to create the final product.

Below are some shots that are composites and you can see the before and after.


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