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Newborn and Maternity Photographer Based In Nottingham


I'm Sarah Nottingham Newborn and Maternity photographer.

I am so glad you took a moment to stop by my site.

I create exquisite bespoke images; the whole session will be tailored to your needs. 

I am your storyteller.  I’m here to capture the story of your newborn baby. The first few days when they are sleepy, squishy and curling up as if still in the womb.  The first smile, the flaky skin, and the swish of curl upon their head.  These are your memories that have only just begun.

Be rest assured, my knowledge of safe baby posing is extensive, I am midwife certified and train photographers across the globe in this ‘Art’ of Newborn photography, as your Newborn is the most precious thing. 

Your images will be taken in the comfort of my dedicated boutique studio, set within the heart of Floralands Farm Park & Garden Village in Lambley Nottingham.    

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Newborn Photography In Nottingham

Newborn Photography In Nottingham

Sarah Wilkes is an award winning Newborn and Maternity Photographer base in Nottingham.

Clients travel to her from across the country for sessions.

With Sarah Wilkes and her Newborn Photography In Nottingham, you will receive high end exquisite images and products of your most cherished possession. Let her create amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Please contact her if you would like to ask anything or book a session

Newborn Photography In Nottingham