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Why Photography is So Important

This is so hard to write! Why Photography is So Important? I want everyone to know how important it is to take loved ones to get professional photographs taken!
In June, I took my mum, my sister and my 2 boys into the studio to get a family photo as we had nothing of us all together! I didn’t have any decent pictures of my mum at all! So under much duress she let me take her portrait!
Well on the 6th August she passed away and now the images I have taken of her are priceless to me! My most cherished possession!
My print lab made a frame for me to add all items that mean so much growing up too!
A lock of her hair, a Jade pendant with Chinese writing on that she wore when I was young, her Cath Kidston Glasses that remind me so much of her! A Chinese hanging ornament that used to hang from her fireplace and stems from her love of all things Chinese after being stationed in Hong Kong with the W.R.A.C, and of course her W.R.A.C badges!
If I hadn’t taken her into the studio for a Portrait session I never would have this image of her which captured her spirit exactly as she was, always with a cheeky smile ready to burst forth! Now I will never forget that, as memories do unfortunately fade in time! This is why photography is so important.

I can’t tell you all how important it is for your children and for you to get your loved one’s images taken, because after they or you have gone it’s all they will have left and that will become so so very important to them!!
So get your parents, your children, yourself into a studio! Get a generation shoot done, create those memories for your children!!!
It is so so important!
I want to thank Print Foundry Lab for creating this bespoke frame for me!! It means so so much!! ❤️

If you would like to cook a shoot please visit my contact page.

Tribute to my Mum